June 11, 2009


Last year I graduated with a PhD in chemistry after 8 years at Victoria University. Since then, I’ve been working to form a start up company out of some of our University research, and working as an analyst at one of New Zealand’s leading Venture Capital firms, Endeavour Capital.

What gets me excited are the amazing ideas I come across everyday - whether they are those I only hear about, or whether they come from the people I’m lucky enough to interact with. People don’t often think of scientists as being creative people, but indeed we are, and with the economy in decline and the future of our planet hanging in the balance, creativity in science is needed now more than ever.

I hope this small blog does justice to these ideas, opens your eyes to some of the amazing things Kiwi’s are doing, as well as highlighting things from around the world that I think are just plain awesome. I’ll try to shed some light on any relevant issues where I can, but this is also grounds for you to offer your opinions or advice, as I will never profess to know it all. Then we can all learn something…enjoy.

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