June 11, 2009

The Anti Brain Drain

Yesterday I met with several other young scientists for a discussion about our futures in New Zealand, still involved in science, but outside the lab.

We decided we would take the initiative ourselves and begin regular meetings to throw around ideas, network and raise our profile to employers, leverage our collective knowledge, and hopefully learn a few things and have a bit of fun along the way. We’re also hoping to get a few interesting people in to talk to us, and maybe to even do a bit of free consulting to build up a track record amongst ourselves. So if you know any interesting folk who might be keen to pass on some knowledge, or whose company could benefit from a bit of a scientific brainstorm with some nimble young minds, do leave a comment! We don’t know how this will evolve, or even what our identity is just yet, but watch this space!

We had a range of academic backgrounds and career aspirations, but what blew me away the most was how committed these people are to building a knowledge economy in New Zealand through research, startup companies, investment, and a number of other activities, sort of like an anti brain drain - which I think is pretty exciting...


  1. You've picked a great area to focus your blog on; the cross-over between science and business. Good luck with this.

    PS very stylish blog!

  2. Thanks for the great comments, Richard.



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